“Our journey to excellence”, Lejla Nedzibovic, Country Head Salveo Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ability and willingness to change and to adapt are the important outcome needed for a company to succeed.

Today, I can tell I am very proud that in the last ten years of its existence, our company has acquired the epithet of a respectable and trusted partner who cares about its customers, partners and employees.

Our past years’ learning has led us to the conclusion that not only specific knowledge, skills, creative and innovative marketing campaigns and orientation to the outcome is all that is needed for a company to succeed, but also the ability and willingness to change and to adapt.

In today’s turbulent business environment, success in the market competition depends on the ability of the organization, as well as its employees, to constantly change and learn how to cope with different market situations, track business trends, and strive to be a step ahead of time.

This implies flexibility and rapid change in a way we perform our jobs, so that we can be more efficient and reach our goal faster.

Open communication, perseverance and dedication to work, a team that works together, shares trust and nurtures the same values as the key values of our company are, can lead us to the success and fulfillment of our business vision.