First Practical guide for responsible Self-Medication

On February 22nd, 2018 in Zagreb, our President of the Board Salveo CEE Group Mirna Radošević presented on behalf of the Croatian Association of the Self-Medication Industry (CASI) the first Practical guide for responsible Self-Medication.

The vision of the guide is to improve the quality of pharmacist’s advice provided to the patients.

In 2010, Mirna brought together a small group of individuals dedicated to self-medication and realized her vision – bringing together the entire pharmaceutical industry on the path of developing self-medication in Croatia.

Today, Mirna manages the Committee for Doctor-Pharmacist Relations, she is a member of the Self-Medication Guide Editors’ Board and she is immensely active in CASI. CASI has already implemented many successful projects and the guide is the crown of everything it has accomplished so far.

The quality and scope of the guide for responsible Self-Medication make it a unique document, both within Croatia and beyond its borders.

It is the result of cooperation between a large group of pharmacists with exceptional experience in everyday work with patients, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, general practitioners, the Croatian Agency for Medicines and Medical Products, the Croatian Institute for Public Health, the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and the Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists.